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  • Bowen Therapy
    A natural and non-invasive treatment for slipped discs
    Despite Bowen Therapy being based on soft, gentle movements, it can be an efficient solution in reducing symptoms caused by a slipped disc.
What is
a slipped disc?
A slipped disc is when part of the intervertebral disc is pushed out which can compress surrounding nerve structures, causing pain and neurological alterations.
The intervertebral discs are spongy, fibrous structures in between each vertebra. They provide buffering for the spine by absorbing impact and avoiding friction in bone structure and ensuring mobility.
The intervertebral disc is divided into two sections: a fibrous outer ring and a pulpous nucleus.
Disc protrusion is a common back injury. This occurs when the intervertebral disc becomes worn, but the fibrous ring is not broken. When the pulpous nucleus at the centre of the intervertebral disk is pushed beyond the outer ring (causing the ring to break), we refer to this as a slipped disc.
Depending on the part of the spine, the slipped disc can be cervical, thoracic, or lumbar.
Common effects of a slipped disc
Depending on the aging and load applied to the intervertebral discs, they can degenerate. This consists of:
• Loss of its high-water content;
• Loss of elasticity or ability to shift weight.
Studies using magnetic resonance show that 30% of 35-year-olds present some disc generation and by age 60 this percentage goes up to 90%.
Symptoms that can be improved with Bowen Therapy
Bowen Therapy can bring notable improvement straight after the first session but to make a substantial or even permanent difference to symptoms, a program of four to six sessions is necessary.
Although there is no cure, symptoms can be substantially reduced in most cases after a few short weeks. In the healing process, it is important to consider physiotherapy, RPG (global postural re-education), or clinical Pilates as well as Bowen Therapy.
Please see below the specific symptoms relating to each specific affected area.
Slipped Disc
Pain and/or tingling in hands, arms and/or neck
Pain and/or tingling in hands, arms and/or neck
Changes in sensitivity
Changes in sensitivity
Muscular weakness in the upper body
Muscular weakness in the upper body
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Thoracic Herniated Disc
Loss of strength in back and lower limbs
Loss of strength in back and lower limbs
Pain in the thorax
Pain in the thorax
Change in the way a patient walks
Change in the way a patient walks
Lumbar Herniated Disc
Continuous or intermittent back pain
Continuous or intermittent back pain
Pain from lower limb spanning from the leg down to the foot
Pain from lower limb spanning from the leg down to the foot
Muscle weakness and/or tingling in the lower part of the body
Muscle weakness and/or tingling in the lower part of the body
What is
Bowen Therapy?
Bowen Therapy is a therapeutic practice that consists of applying gentle movements on the surface of the skin, in key points of the body.
Their main objective is to break pain and inflammation patterns (muscle, bone, tendon, etc.), relieve accumulated tension and naturally induce relaxation and rebalancing of the body.
Experience has shown that despite the technique being based on smooth movements, applied to the superficial connective tissue, concrete and lasting results are achieved in the treatment of intravertebral disc pathologies (disc protrusions and hernias), providing an effective and rapid response in reducing the pressure in the area of the affected disc.
About the
Terapeuta de Bowen
Bowen Therapy came into my life as I was going through a major personal and professional transition.
It has been a constant source of inspiration due to its subtle, delicate yet efficient and transformational impact. Bowen Therapy fulfils my desire to bring value to people’s lives and improve their quality of life.
Bowen Therapy reduces pain and allows for physical and even emotional improvement and regeneration.
Bowen Therapy Therapist Qualification from Bowtech Portugal
Approved by the Australian Academy of Bowen Therapy
ICF Coach
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  • I really needed Bowen Therapy, so I got in touch with José Neves. It’s one thing hearing about what an excellent service José has to offer (from various people), it’s another experiencing it first-hand. I received five-star treatment, from reception right through to the post-therapy follow-up. José exceeds all expectations. Just excellent. I can 100% recommend José Neve’s therapy.
    João Vinagre - Institutional Site - Lisbon
  • I had a small congenital muscular deficiency in my right hip which caused me lower back and sacroiliac pain, and discomfort in my right knee, for years. After the first session my body reacted positively. I had less muscular tension and the pain was relieved progressively as well as a general improvement in my wellbeing. It was as though Bowen Therapy was a catalyst for a better life. In just a few sessions I experienced long-term benefits which improved my emotional and physical wellbeing.
    Felisbela Antunes Pedro - 56 years old
  • What an excellent practitioner! As a client I 100% recommend José’s work and I challenge everyone to try Bowen Therapy. José’s sessions always run overtime, he takes profound interest in his clients, providing holistic support and follow-up. José brings his own special touch to his sessions and is genuinely interested in each of his clients.
    Teresa Sousa - Psychologist & Executive Coach
  • I was post-partum and couldn’t sleep at night because I had tingling in my arms and hands. I decided to try Bowen Therapy in the hopes that it would relieve me of my symptoms and help me sleep better. I felt a significant improvement right after the first session. I admit that I was a bit sceptical and thought it was a coincidence. I continued going to regular sessions and my wellbeing improved noticeably – no more tingling, emotional balance, and lightness. Thanks to Bowen Therapy I went back to sleeping with no pain and feeling revigorated. Not only did I feel better on a night but during the day too. José’s approach makes a difference to each interconnecting part of the body in my opinion. As well as the therapy, he is careful to create the ideal environment for each session. It is important because clearly how we are and what we have been through, physically as well as emotionally, is manifested in our bodies. José knows intuitively where treatment is needed but also provides a calm and relaxing experience.
    Marta Guedes Pinto - Children’s Coach
  • Bowen Therapy was a pleasant surprise because the sessions were enjoyable, and they helped alleviate the pain I had. I recommend José Neves because of his competency, interest, and commitment throughout the process and for his results.
    Ana Machado - Sintra
  • I recently moved house and injured my lower pain when lifting heavy weight. It was clear that I wasn’t pharmaceuticals and creams weren’t going to help me, so I booked a series of sessions with José. I was surprised at how soft the hand movements are, followed by some minutes of paused. Gradually I relaxed and felt a lightness spread over my body and soul. The second session was even better, since I knew how it worked by then, and I came out feeling better than I had in a long time, just 6 days after my first session. I had recovered lots of mobility in my back, and the light tension I had was totally healed after the third session. The most amazing part is that you don’t just feel good after each session, but the lightness and peace pertain over the following days. José Neves is an excellent practitioner, and his serenity, care and attention are unique.
    Gonçalo Conde – Lisbon
  • I looked into Bowen Therapy in the hopes of relieving my chronic pain, tendonitis, and the prickling sensation on the soles of my feet. At the time I was going through a difficult phase following the recent death of my father. I had muscular pain all over my body, but I also felt sad and apathetic. After the first session I felt a considerable improvement in my body, but I was still emotionally fragile. Over the next sessions José was kind enough to get me to talk about what I was going through. After that session everything changed. I felt less emotional pain – it was as though I’d had a deep internal clean, and then I experienced a significant improvement on my physical symptoms. I didn’t realise it would have a positive influence on my emotional wellbeing. I turn to Bowen Therapy when I need to rediscover harmony between my mind and body, and I can recommend it.
    Isabel Antunes Mendes - Administration Assistant
  • José Neves is an excellent practitioner and a great person. He has helped me resolve a personal issue through Bowen Therapy and I am grateful for his work. I can fully recommend his treatment.
    Pedro Neves - Hypnotherapist
  • From the very start José was kind and had an unusual willingness for an initial consultation. After a very positive initial contact, the rest of the consultation couldn’t have been better. He was able to do more for me in one hour than others could do in much more time. He is without a doubt the therapist I would go back to.” (João Lopes). This testimonial, shared by a reference, hits the nail on the head with regards to José’s stellar reputation. As his patient I reenforce just how generous and kind of spirit he is. José has exemplary dedication. He has a genuine interest in helping those he works with. I confidently recommend his work.
    Vanda Lopes - Pure Coaching
  • José Neves is an excellent person who brings tranquillity and efficiency through Bowen Therapy. My husband and I both went to José, and I recommend his treatment. I recommend it for relaxing, improving sleep, treating tendonitis and dreaded backpain. Who doesn’t want a pain-free life?
    Rute Serra - INK Limit, Ld.
  • I had an injury and I tried Bowen Therapy. I liked it a lot and I highly recommend this complementary therapy which comprehends the body and the mind. The Bowen hand movements bring a feeling of wellbeing and comfort straight from the first session. José Neves is an excellent practitioner, and he explains the entire procedure in a clear and perceptive way. He makes you feel calm and safe throughout the consultation. He accompanies his patients throughout the treatment, sharing information and knowledge so that there can be greater harmony between the body and mind.
    Cláudia Machado - Interpreter
  • Even though I was already familiar with Bowen Therapy, it wasn’t until I met José that I got a better understanding of its benefits. I started doing the therapy to help with my migraines which I had been suffering from for years. As well as positive results, I was cared for with attention, focus and professionalism. José is a top therapist who was able to resolve my problems. I am grateful to have met such a wonderful person and practitioner. I recommend his work.
    Susana Junqueiro - Feng Shui Therapist
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is there a cure for slipped disc?

In most cases, there is no cure for a slipped disc, but symptoms can almost disappear after some weeks of treatment. The goal of treatment is to relieve pain and inflammation, and improve backbone stability, to prevent further symptoms.

2. What are sessions like?

On arrival you will fill in a short questionnaire about your medical history and the reason for your visit. This will help the therapist to identify the best procedure. During therapy, the patient lies on a massage table but in some cases, they are sat down or stoop up.

3. Will I experience pain during the session?

No, Bowen Therapy is totally painless, the hand movements are soft and the whole process is rather relaxing. Many patients fall asleep during their session.

4. Will I experience any reactions to the therapy?

Following the treatment, it is possible that patients will experience temporary symptoms such as muscular tension, sensitivity in areas with old injuries, change in bodily temperature, light fatigue, or a light headache.

5. How many sessions are needed to improve symptoms?

Right after the first session it is possible to notice improvements, but to ensure a lasting recovery process, 4 to 6 sessions are suggested.

6. Is Bowen Therapy completely safe?

Bowen Therapy is safe because it consists of light stimulative movements on the surface of the skin. It provides a unique experience because it is subtle yet transformative.

7. Is the therapy suitable for pregnant women?

There has been no evidence to suggest that pregnant women cannot do Bowen Therapy. However, for maximum precaution it is recommended that treatment is done after the first trimester.

8. How long does a Bowen Therapy session take??

Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes and contact can be directly on the skin or through light clothing. Ideally sessions have at least a 5-day gap before the next treatment.
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